Online Courses and Conferences for schools

Traditional conferences and exhibitions are an expensive way to train staff. It is often only one staff member who access the training, they then have to share this information with the rest of the staff. Technology helps us change this. Training for Education can be accessed by all staff at a fraction of the cost of a typical conference or exhibition.

Improve Your Staff Training

Training for Education is a new way for schools to access CPD across a range of areas including school improvement, leadership and special educational needs and disability (SEND). Instead of accessing individual webinars, Training for Education provides schools with indepth content that schools can access forever, building a library of CPD they can access with current staff or future staff. Schools can reduce their CPD costs

Virtual SEND Conference

The Virtual SEND Conference is a 21st-century solution. Designed to support schools and professionals, it is both affordable and easily accessible without reducing quality.

A Virtual SEND Conference is a real conference with a big difference… you attend it online from where you are! We have taken this concept and created SEND focused conferences to help the whole education sector get high-quality CPD. We have the best speakers from across the country talking about a range of topics. Then we build a schedule that has something for every school and setting. This can be accessed on the day or at anytime after. You never have to miss a conference again!

Virtual SEND Conference 7 – 20th May 2022

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Want CPD FOR ALL STAFF around Special needs?

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