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Dale Pickles
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Connecting Steps V5 Launch




Today is the day we launched Connecting Steps V5 to our customers worldwide! Connecting Steps V5 is a big step forward for our customers, faster and easier and works on iPads and other tablets as well as PCs. Connecting Steps V5 is designed to save time and help schools to get more out of their assessment data. Connecting Steps V5 is being rolled out over the next 9 months, starting off with the screens schools use the most, the assessment screens. The link below shows the timeline for the release of Connecting Steps V5...


Before moving from V4 to Connecting Steps V5, there are a number of tasks you need to do to get the most out of Connecting Steps V5. Please watch the First Steps with Connecting Steps V5...


If you have any questions about this webinar, you can contact me via email – You can also book a FREE online meeting to discuss anything from this webinar. Use the link below to find a time and date that suits you…

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Transition Students Ready for Next Year Training Webinar

How to get your students ready for the next academic year

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This training webinar was an opportunity for me to go through all of the different ways you can get your students into their classes for next year. It also gave me a chance to go through some of our new functionality that makes moving students easier than ever.

The Engagement Model – An announcement or something else?

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On Monday 27th of January 2020, the DfE released draft guidance called the Engagement Model.

Strangely, it didn’t appear in the Governments announcements or the DFE Email Digest, and it doesn’t appear in the list of News and Communications from the DfE.

Why? Is it because SEND is still an after thought or is there another reason?