Autism Progress

Autism Progress is a unique project, combining over 130 years’ experience and expertise from three leading autism organisations and an assessment provider:

  • Autism Wessex 
  • Scottish Autism 
  • North East Autism Society
  • B Squared

What is the Aim of the Project?

We recognised a need for an assessment tool which could be used by all to assess the impact of a person’s autism.

Using autism descriptors already created by B Squared, the developers at Autism Progress have created a set of progressive levels in the following areas of autism:

  • Communication
  • Flexibility of Thought
  • Social Interaction
  • Emotional Regulation

This newly created autism profile can be used to accurately map the impact of a person’s autism and guide the development of targeted support strategies. The ultimate aim is to enrich the quality of life of people with autism.

How will it be used?

Autism Progress aims to give the most detailed current picture of an individual's capabilities. People can be profiled from birth to early adulthood. Our handbook clearly and concisely describes how the profile is to be used. It is not seeking to ‘normalise’, but to support understanding of the person’s unique developmental profile. Once the profile has been completed, it will underpin discussions about future strategies and goals for that person.

The Charities Involved

While there is no cure for autism, we believe that with appropriate education, support or care and by making the world an easier place to understand, the impact of autism can be reduced and people with autism can be active citizens, enjoying maximum independence and a good quality of life. Autism Wessex is the regional charity providing high quality specialist services for adults and children affected by autism and associated difficulties throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset.

With three main areas of activity, Autism Wessex provides: Portfield School for education, residential and respite services; Community Wessex for social care services; and a range of advocacy and advice services.

Bob Lowndes

Bob has been Chief Executive of Autism Wessex for 20 years, prior to which he worked for the National Autistic Society and other local autism charities. Whilst his personal practical experience has been in the provision of social care services, Bob has been actively engaged in improving educational provision for children with autism and has been a member of the Autism Education Trust Programme Board since its inception in 2006. Bob understands the importance of services to demonstrate the impact they have on the lives of those who use them and is delighted to be associated with Autism Progress, which provides practitioners with a valuable tool to demonstrate the development and progress of those they are teaching or supporting.

Francine Crook

Francine has 12 years of teaching experience, a decade of which was specifically dedicated to teaching young people with Autism. She is now the Practice and Clinical Support Team Manager for Autism Wessex. In this role, Francine manages a team of therapists including SLT, OT and behaviour support, as well as managing the training and development of Autism Wessex staff.


Established in 1968 by a group of parents, Scottish Autism is an organisation dedicated to enriching the lives of people with autism. We are now the largest provider of autism-specific services in Scotland and a leading authority and advocate for good autism practice. We exist to help those diagnosed with autism to lead full and enriched lives, and also seek to share knowledge and expertise with parents, carers and other professionals, in order to support best care and support for people with autism.

With over 800 staff working across Scotland, we offer a large range of services for people with autism including education, day and vocational opportunities, supported living, outreach, respite and specialist transition support. Our mission is to enable people living with autism in Scotland through the whole life journey.

Alan Somerville

Alan is the Chief Executive of Scottish Autism, Scotland's national autism charity. Alan worked for 16 years in a variety of commercial and operational roles with BOC before moving to ScotRail in 1994. In 1997 Alan set up his own consultancy, working on logistical, transport-related and business management projects for large private and public sector organisations including Unilever, Enron and Scottish Enterprise. Alan is also a Trustee of the Autism Alliance UK and a member of the Scottish Government's Governance Group which oversees the development and implementation of the Scottish Strategy for Autism.

Jasmine Miller

Jasmine is the Principal of New Struan School and has worked in the field of autism for over 15 years. Jasmine has worked in both mainstream and special educational needs settings as a qualified Teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, Head Teacher and School Improvement Partner. Jasmine has presented at conferences on autism across the world including China and Kosovo and has been a member of review teams for Autism Accreditation as part of the National Autistic Society.


North East Autism Society is a registered charity with over 30 years’ experience of providing support for those affected by autism. Our services include education for children aged 3-19, post-19 education and social/vocational training, along with supported and open employment opportunities for adults. We provide year-round residential placements and an ever-increasing range of community services across the region for people of all ages.

We recognise that everyone is unique and that autism affects each person uniquely. Our staff pay close attention to detail, in order to develop a person-centred plan which is specifically tailored to enable them to achieve, grow in confidence and live life to the full.

John Phillipson

John has been the Chief Executive of the North East Autism Society since 2005, is Chair of Autism Alliance UK, and has been involved in social care and education for more than 30 years. He has a wealth of experience in both the voluntary and statutory sectors, working as Assistant Director with Barnardos North East, Head of Special Educational Needs and Inclusion for North Tyneside Council, Head of Childrens Services and latterly Director of Social Services in North Tyneside. As the Chair of Autism Alliance UK, John is a member of the All- Party Parliamentary Group on Autism. This advisory group advises MPs on key issues relating to services for people with autism. John is a member of the Department of Health Autism Programme Board and Trustee of Safe Families for Children, a charity that provides befriending support to families.


Dale Pickles

Dale is the Director of B Squared. He oversees and manages all aspects of B Squared - from developing the business strategy to recruitment, target setting, budget control and software development. Since joining the Company in 2001, Dale has overseen the evolution of our assessments, from paper-based assessment files to a fully hosted software system.

Alex Hurle

Alex is Head of the Education Team at B Squared. He joined the company in 2014 and currently leads his team in the creation and design of assessment frameworks, ensuring compliance with Government requirements and contemporary pedagogical theory. He initiates and oversees new projects related to education and assessment, liaising and collaborating with a range of external organisations and experts to develop the quality of B Squared’s products. These assessment frameworks are used by Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education settings.

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