Evisense – A great way to see what pupils are achieving at home

Keep in touch with your pupils’ achievements – whether it’s baking a cake, getting active with a Joe Wicks workout or taking nature photos in their daily walk. Feel free to share fun activities, boost their confidence with comments and above all stay connected. It is also a great way to work together with parents and encourage positive relationships!

  • See all the different activities the child is doing

  • Work together with pupils and parents

  • Be safe knowing you are using a secure platform

Evisense is an easy-to-use and secure evidence management system, designed for teachers and parents to capture photo and video evidence of activities to demonstrate learning and share information securely. Encouraging positive relationships between parents and schools.

Building a community

Schools are built on so much more than academic achievements. Schools nurture connections, encourage respect of others and together form a whole community to belong too and feel proud of. Using Evisense, parents can take a quick snapshot of their child using a mobile device and share their daily lives and proud moments with their teacher, reinforcing your schools’ sense of community spirit.

Watch this short video on parental access to find out what photos and comments parents see (only their own child!) and don’t see and how easy it is for the school to have total control.

Is it easy for parents to use?

Evisense’s look and feel is of Facebook, a social media platform most of us use but the big difference is the school has full control. Parents will only see their own child’s posts and can choose to see a notification when they are posted. The app is slick and adding photos and comments intuitive, there should be no need for any training, but should you want it, free training videos are available.

Security is at the heart

Because safeguarding has been the kingpin that Evisense has been crafted around it works at all levels, from child protection lists to ease of use for parents and teachers. The photos, videos and docs are encrypted on the device they are recorded on and by the way, this is not the same as sending encrypted files! All evidence is stored in the app and won’t appear in the devices’ camera roll, it meets schools’ mobile device policies. Only personnel authorised by your school have access to your school’s evidence. Schools can manage all students, groups and users and the various options from one secure portal.

Easy for schools

  • Parents are not able to comment on other pupils in the school

  • Inappropriate posts can be deleted immediately

  • All evidence is encrypted and only visible by your school (even we can’t see it!)

  • Full Audit trail puts the school in control

  • Only authorised devices can access Evisense

  • One central administration portal and fully GDPR compliant

In the current challenges that being in lockdown bring, technology is being tested to its full potential to try to continue our children’s education. Evisense is easy, efficient and secure for teachers, students and parents. See what our parents say…

Evisense 5 star review

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