How do you identify the small steps of progress made by individuals with SLD & PMLD?

At a recent Virtual SEND Conference, Jon from B Squared had the chance to have a quick interview with James Waller, from Sunningdale Teaching School Alliance explaining how he uses Engagement Steps to show progress for pupils with complex needs. Engagement Steps supports the new Engagement Model and recognises non-linear progress for pupils who engage with skills across multiple levels. Watch James’ interview to see how he uses it to benefit his school.


“Using one software over 3 different tied-together frameworks allows teachers to make judgements and see what progress looks like without translating information from one framework to another thereby reducing teacher workload.”

James Waller, Deputy Headteacher, Sunningdale Teaching School Alliance – rated outstanding by Ofsted.

P – Levels were not appropriate for pupils with the most significant disabilities

The Rochford Review: Final Report recognised that the subject-specific areas assessed by the P Levels were not appropriate for pupils with the most significant disabilities. Our Engagement Steps in an easy-to-use observation-based assessment framework – created for students not yet engaged in subject-specific learning (complex needs) to be used as an alternative to P Levels. (For the assessment of pupils previously assessed as working between P1-P6).

Track progress based on the 4 Broad Areas of Need and 5 Aspects of Engagement.

Our assessment points can be broken down into the 7 levels of achievement that cover from initial Encounter, through to Engagement and finally Gaining Skills & Understanding, before a pupil is deemed to have Mastered a particular skill. This enables teachers to show a pupil’s progress in the smallest of increments.

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