Why use one assessment system for ALL Mainstream Primary School pupils?

One Assessment System to track ALL pupils in your Primary School

Our two brand new frameworks for our Mainstream Primary Schools for pupils working at Age Related Expectations – Development Matters and Primary Curriculum, are available now. This means you can now use just one Assessment System for ALL pupils in your Primary School. Why use Connecting Steps to track all students? Let Dale explain why….


Listen to Dale talk about the benefits of moving to one assessment system for all Mainstream Primary School pupils

How will this benefit your Primary School?

Lots of primary schools use two assessment systems to track their pupils which causes a number of issues including increased workload, extra cost and complexity of merging data from two systems.

We aim to make your lives easier with one system for all pupils:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Save time
  • Simplified administration with synchronised student information with your MIS
  • One system = one cost = saves money
  • Annual cost capped
  • Our new analysis platform will merge data from different frameworks to create a whole school and whole MAT/group picture for ALL pupils

So what now?

The Development Matters and Primary Curriculum frameworks are already live! If you are an existing customer you can start to assess your Mainstream Primary pupils now for FREE, within your current user licence and pupil limits. The video below shows you how to access the new frameworks.

Graphing and analysis is not currently available until the new analytics module is released in the Autumn Term 2022. This will automatically combine data for ALL pupils into a single data set.


Watch this short video to see how to set up Primary Curriculum and Development Matters

Assess ALL pupils in ONE system

Early Years Foundation Stage


*NEW* Development Matters – for typically developing students



Early Steps – for students with SEND


More info

Primary National Curriculum


*NEW* Primary Curriculum – for students working at age related expectations (ARE)


Primary Steps – for students working below age related expectations

More info
Assessment frameworks for primary schools infographic

find out about the new frameworks and how one system can benefit your primary school

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