Celebrating every step of progress our children make

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“B Squared ensures staff have a common language when it comes to assessment. We can celebrate every step of progress a child makes, not just the larger blocks. Using B Squared’s assessment software makes tracking and monitoring data across school easy, as it’s simple to use.”

Victoria Chandler, SENCo,
St. Edmund’s C of E Primary School and Foundation Unit

St. Edmund’s is using B Squared’s Connecting Steps assessment software with our Early Steps framework to show small steps of progress for its children in F1 and F2 working on the EYFS curriculum.

Our Progression Steps framework is used for most of the children on the school’s SEND register, from those working at pre-key stage standards up through Key Stages 1 & 2.

In addition, the school uses our autism profiling tool Autism Progress to help profile a pupil’s autism and understand how it impacts them and their learning. Support strategies are provided to help with each individual’s development.

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Celebrating every step of progress our children make

St. Edmund’s Primary School is a one-form entry school in Mansfield Woodhouse, with a diverse catchment area. The staff passionately believe that all children, whatever their individual circumstances, should thrive and be challenged in all aspects of school life by being at the centre of every action and decision made. It strives to enable its children to leave St Edmund’s as skilled and well-rounded individuals, who consistently make the right choices and are successfully prepared to make a positive contribution to secondary school and an ever-changing society.

Before working with B Squared, St. Edmund’s used its own assessment system, logging data on EAZ MAG. According to SENCo, Victoria Chandler, “Whilst this was great for most children, those who made smaller steps of progress needed a system which clearly showed their smaller levels of progress.”

Personalised learning helps all children thrive

“Using Connecting Steps from B Squared has given our staff a common language for assessment and support that has helped our children with SEND to make progress.”

“Learning is tailored to individuals more appropriately, as Connecting Steps explicitly shows the next steps for children’s learning. A true reflection of a child’s learning journey is being evidenced, as the software helps to show an individual’s spikey data profile. It also highlights barriers to learning in a more identifiable way. This means all staff are able to understand each individual’s learning narrative and plan their learning to help all children thrive.”

Autism profiling improves outcomes for autistic pupils

“We also use B Squared’s Autism Progress to help monitor the learning and progress that is taking place for children with an ASD diagnosis. This helps us to not only focus on academic targets but also to better understand how autism affects individuals differently. This means we can give better support to each pupil based on their needs and help prepare them with skills needed in later life.”

Cost effective solution saves time and money

“Having an electronic system that allows you to compare data at a touch of a button is helping teachers to save time. Whilst the subscription model, of an initial investment followed by a hosting fee each year, helps to keep the cost down for school.”

“B Squared’s Connecting Steps helps our teachers to accurately track children’s data and use it to inform their future planning. This has enabled us to personalise learning to individual needs, address barriers to learning and provide specific help where it’s needed.”
Victoria Chandler, SENCo, St. Edmund’s Primary School

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