Using multiple assessment frameworks to show all pupils’ progress

Oak Lodge School

“Connecting Steps has a very clear structure with precise and measured small steps that show progress for all of our pupils. It has informed my termly outcomes and been useful in differentiating activities. It is effective in tracking progress. Many of our children have spiky profiles and this allows them to show progress in their areas of strength.”

I Luczak-Wisniewska, Head of Technology, Oak Lodge School

Oak Lodge School is using
B Squared’s Connecting Steps assessment software with multiple different assessment frameworks.

Progression Steps covers an ability range from Pre-Key Stage Standards up to pupils working towards the lower GCSE grades.

Steps 4 Life for students with SEND working towards independent living. Designed to help Prepare for Adulthood, covering life & employability skills.

Autism Progress to profile pupils’ autism, how it impacts them and their learning. Support strategies are provided for development.

Evisense, our evidence of learning tool, is used to capture evidence to support assessment and encourage parental engagement.

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Using multiple assessment frameworks to show all pupils’ progress

Oak Lodge School is a maintained special education day and residential school for pupils aged 10 to 19 whose primary need is D/deaf or speech, language and communication needs. Many of the children have additional needs, such as; Autism Spectrum Condition, Motor Difficulties, Visual Impairment, Social Emotional & Mental Health needs, requiring a flexible and differentiated curriculum to facilitate their learning. A student-centred approach is used to support the development of each child’s full language and communication potential.

According to Head Teacher, Caroline Rowlandson, “The school did not have an effective data package until we started working with B Squared. Using Connecting Steps enables us to discuss progress in an informed way that is standardised across the whole school. We use the graphs to share small steps of progress with parents and inform lesson planning for staff. We have modified some aspects, as the content is applicable to a wide range of special schools. It has easily adapted to our curriculums and students.”

Identifying and closing gaps in students’ learning

“For Art and Design, the assessment identifiers provide an overview of key skills and understanding that need to be taught or experienced. This helps me plan for the whole class and produce programmes of study that focus on an individual student’s gaps in learning. I like the colour-coded progression as it displays what tasks have been experienced and shows progress towards understanding, and independent application of the skill. The individual art identifiers break-down progression into manageable tasks that can be accessed and understood by TAs, thus focusing their feedback towards students.”
Mr D Bedford, Art Teacher, Oak Lodge School.

Cost effective, reduces workload & improves wellbeing

“Connecting Steps is a cost effective solution as it can be accessed by a variety of staff to inform them of pupil progress at any given time. We can also provide stakeholder information whenever it’s needed. Our educational aims are met through using a uniform data package across the school, whilst multiple assessment frameworks enable us to show progress for all of our pupils. Using one system reduces teacher and TA workload and improves wellbeing. It also saves time for data managers in developing reports for accountability.”

Quick and easy access to support as and when needed

“The B Squared team are very helpful and provide advice as needed via their 15-minute support sessions, easily booked online – so no delays if you have questions. Webinars and training information is also readily available on the website for all staff. This saves the school administrator time dealing with queries and giving additional training.”
Caroline Rowlandson, Head Teacher, Oak Lodge School.

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